Monday, October 31, 2011



Music: DJ Premier Ft. Nas & The Berklee Symphony Orchestra Regeneration

Lions' Tulloch celebrates sack by 'Tebowing' Tebow

It was only a matter of time before the Internet sensation known as "Tebowing" made it on to the field in games featuring Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow. Unfortunately for Denver, the pose was struck by an opponent on Sunday.
With 2:37 left the first quarter, Detroit Lions linebacker Stephen Tulloch dropped Tebow for a sack. Instead of a dance to celebrate, Tulloch immediately took to "Tebowing." or getting down one knee as if one were praying.
Later, after a second-quarter touchdown reception from Matt Stafford, Lions tight end Tony Scheffler—a former Bronco—also "Tebowed."

Monday Drunkiness Randomness

Looks like the park ranger has more problems than Yogi Bear

All those gymnastics classes finally pulled off

Urinal cakes are tasty

Sleeping on the toilet is good for your posture

If spread eagle'ing on the sidewalk don't get you laid, nothing will.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Web Digging: Dot™ Panoramic Iphone4 Lens Attachment

Dot™ is a stylish and durable lens attachment that snaps onto your iPhone 4 and lets you shoot 360° panoramic videos from the palm of your hand, for $79Read more here via

Some Halloween Ideas

Adopted by Angelina

Human Surachi

Chappelle Crack Head (Tyrone Biggums)

Firefox is getting sexier

Guess who is trick-or-treating in R. Kelly's neighborhood

Father of the year nominee? Are you friends of Johnny Cash?

Weekend Randomness

At least he wasn't the odd one wearing white

Harry potter is a real alcoholic

Say no to peace

Sagging your pants is so 5 years ago

I love riots

New White House campaign, say no to crack.

Right place at the right time

You think she douches

Hey LADIES!!! I heard he goes downtown.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Funny website of the day: Bacon or Beer Can?

Is he saying bacon, or beer can?

Tebowing is the New Planking

Tebowing: (vb) to get down on one knee and start praying, even if everyone else around you is doing something completely different, as demonstrated by Tim Tebow from the Denver Broncos. Via

Music: Vibonics

Alternative hip hop band releases debut EP

TORONTO –It’s tough to describe the Vibonics. To draw a finger on a singular descriptor for the six-member band, the index would run from hip hop to rock to r&b to funk, hint at soul, and take a peek over the blues, pop and reggae. Armed with an old school approach and a new school mentality, their goal is to unify rather than divide each of their unique influences into one awesome rockin’ sound. On their debut four-track Vibonics EP, they aim to do just that, all while revealing their diverse musical and songwriting range. More here via

Word of the Lourd: Slang

Inbestigashun on how Pilipinos enunciate their bowells.

Friday Randomness

As seen on your local women's softball team.

Or you can just put in a Sex and the City movie

And now, how to disable a man

I know what you're thinking, where can I get that plaid top for only 10 bucks?

Everyone hates Justin Bieber

Do you have any Grey Poupon?

Forget grape drink, get me a Candwich

Make up your goddamn mind!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Austrian student asked Facebook to send him a 1,222 pages of his personal data

VIENNA (AP) — Max Schrems wasn't sure what he would get when he asked Facebook to send him a record of his personal data from three years of using the site.

What the 24-year-old Austrian law student didn't expect, though, was 1,222 pages of data on a CD. It included chats he had deleted more than a year ago, "pokes" dating back to 2008, invitations to which he had never responded, let alone attended, and hundreds of other details.

Time for an "aha" moment.

In response, Schrems has launched an online campaign aimed at forcing the social media behemoth that has 800 million users to abide by European data privacy laws — something the Palo Alto, California-based company insists it already does. Read more here via Yahoo news

Music: Kaskade ft. Skylar Grey - Room for Happiness

Music: BeyoncĂ© ft. J. Cole – Party

Product of the Week

a320 Pocket Retro Game Emulator

The Pocket Retro Game Emulator looks a bit like the GameBoy Micro but that's where the similarities end. Load on NES, SNES, GBA, Sega Genesis, or Neo Geo roms and play your old favorites in the palm of your hand. With 4GB of built-in storage and a mini SD slot for expansion you can bring every single game from the best classic consoles with you. Of course in typical all encompassing gadget style you can also play movie files, audio files, use the built-in FM radio, view jpg images, Read E-books, do voice recording etc... Read more here via

Groove: Tricks, Treats, and Beats Highlights (Video)

Groove: Tricks Treats & Beats (Highlights) from Live Media on Vimeo.

Web Digging: Man tries to pay bar tab with Foodstamp Card

Guam - 34-year-old Jeremy Fejeran Lapid was arrested by police after allegedly trying to pay a $466 bar tab with a Quest card. According to court documents, Lapid purchased beer, ladies drinks and liquor ringing up a bar tab that he couldn't pay for at the Chic-Boy Restaurant and Lounge in Harmon.
After an evening of drinking, Lapid then allegedly ordered more than $60 worth of food at the Soju Restaurant and told the owner he was the son of the Chic-Boy Lounge owner and that he would pay later, but never returned. Police arrested Lapid on two counts of theft of services. More here via

Web Digging: All You Can Eat Whoppers in Japan!

Some days, it’s undeniable that there’s little more satisfying than a sizzling slab of meat in a bun, so why not rock up to one of Japan’s 37 Burger King stores and double down with the company’s gluttonous eat-all-you-can Whopper offer?
For two weeks from November 1, the flame-grill specialist will let anyone unsatisfied with just one Whopper (661 calories, BTW) grab a second for free. And a third, fourth and fifth if there’s room.
Limited offer
The only requirement on the “B”iKing campaign -- it’s a play on words with the Japanese term for buffet -- is that customers buy an ¥860 set meal before tucking into the freebies.
After that, every Whopper downed saves on the ¥420 price tag. Still, with BK’s generosity stretching to just 30 minutes of gobbling, no one’s going to go too far overboard.
Keep ‘em coming
Burger King Japan says when it ran the same scheme last year, the feedback was overwhelmingly positive.

“Now we want to make our customers even more satisfied,” said a company spokesperson. “So if they are not full after one Whopper, they can keep coming back.” Via

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween from

Those who know me, know I love Halloween...

2006 - Flava Flav
2007 - Optimus Prime
2008 - Nurse Joker
2009 - Slash (GNR)
2010 - Sho'Nuff (The Last Dragon)
2011 - Thomas Bangalter(Daft Punk)

Thursday Randomness

Rihanna could learn from this cat.

Fixed it. DIY side mirror

Banksy street art

Damn you Internet Explorer!

Worst costume EVER! Kotex ninja